Sunday, 19 December 2010

Dog days are over

We have amazingly cold winter in Ireland this year, but I love snow so I don't mind it at all.
This is my last post in 2010. I'm going home for Christmas to spend some time with my family:) Can't wait till 2011, I already have lots of ideas for my blog and some other creative activities.  So see you all in 2011:) I wish you Happy Christmas and all the best in New Year!

                                                               Dress - Top Shop
                                                             Photo Joanna Kisielinska


  1. these are absolutely gorgeous! love it.

  2. great lively colours! I just adore the contrast of your snowwhite lips against the snow.

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  3. wow , this combination is amazing!

  4. Feel in love with your pictures at Chictopia!

    Amazing style! This one, in particular, is amazing, love the red tights, the collar of that dress and the rep lipstick! The dark tones make such a contrast with the white environment!


  5. Thank you girls for such a nice comments and support:)

  6. i love it... Florance & the Machine walking

  7. this song is brilliant! love it too:)